Senior Accountant / Financial Manager to Ridestore- North America

Göteborg Heltid

As we grow at a fast pace we need to reinforce our financial team with a colleague that will handle our bookkeeping, closing, annual reporting, tax and legal for our subsidiary i US. We expect nothing less than that you can handle multiple challenges in a continuous changing world with a smile on your face. You have the knowledge, but furthermore important the drive to build Ridestore to the next level.

At Ridestore, you’re going to create your role, and we’re going to support you in that. An eCommerce snow revolution starts by forgetting everything you know and starting something fresh. We’re not going to bog you down with formalities or hierarchy. At Ridestore, you don’t have to let your passion collide with your work schedule. Here, you’re constantly on the move, but you get to plan your time your way.

We’ll let you walk through that challenging terrain solo when necessary, but we’re going to help pick you up and push you forward when you need it.  So come be part of the change. We’re waiting for you.

Who We Are:

Ridestore was founded over 10 years ago. We had a passion to create products and brands that people truly wanted.

The era where brands told people what they should wear or do is dead. Everyone’s an expert. You know what you like and want to wear much better than the designer. So our job is to listen. A brand in this new era is there to serve and empower You. The customer. The expert. If you do that well then your brand will spread from one person to another, peer to peer. This changes everything in how you design products and create a brand. You have to truly listen to the customers, not just make them heard. You have to give them a voice and empower them.

We get things done. That has taken us more than a half billion sek in revenue and 100% year on year organic growth.

We want to own the outerwear conversation online. Our brands Dope Snow  & Montecwear are the first brands created from listening to what You want.

Read about us on: and

Who You Are:

You are the star in accounting, and you love to handle GST reporting. You work in multiple systems and you really like digitalized flows. You can dig into small deviations, but you’re not locked to the details and can change to the birds-eye perspective when it’s needed. In many areas you will be like an explorer; breaking new ground together with the CFO and group accounting manager, finding solutions for challenges that business has not even found.

  • You get thrilled by challenges
  • Change is natural for you
  • Improvements, improvements and improvements, you like to improve your business both with small but also big steps
  • You want to be responsible, it’s “your books” and you want them to be the best
  • Digitalization and IT is something you’re fond of and have a very good knowledge of
  • You like to work with a both high and low perspective, you need to handle the daily invoices but you also need to be part of the setup of a new country/market

What you will be doing:

  • Accounting for our US and Canada subsidiaries
  • Monthly and yearly closing but also analyzing the month and preparing reports
  • Handling invoices and improving our new invoice flow
  • Accounting of spending
  • Accounting and coordination of our global salary solution
  • Be the knowledge source regarding VAT, Tax and regulations regarding bookkeeping.
  • Responsible for local legal and tax compliance
  • Responsible for import and custom handling out of a financial perspective
  • Responsible and managing our sales and use tax nexuses
  • Responsible for HR related questions and task such as pension, health insurance and sick leave.
  • Handling our legal compliance both financially but also commercial

What you will have at Ridestore:

  • Freedom to build the structure of our accounting
  • Flexibility to dispose of your time between office and home work
  • All the equipment you can possibly need to be effective
  • Work with a Very Talented Team
  • Company Retreats/Meetups (like our last meetup in the Alps, St Anton)


Because you will have a lot of freedom and responsibilities in such a crucial role, we do have some additional requirements beyond you being a kick-ass person

  • 5+ years in a senior accountant / financial manager position
  • Very good knowledge of US tax, GST and accounting regulations
  • Working in a global environment
  • 5+ year experience in:
    • GST reporting
    • Employer cost calculations and reporting
    • Tax calculations
    • Year-end closings
    • Creating Annual reports

You especially rock if you have the following:

  • Legal compliance
  • Experience in Canadian business setup
  • Duty and custom compliance
  • HR related matters
  • Ski and snowboard enthusiast


Ready to partner up with the best of the best from around the world? Come make something special at Ridestore!



In this recruitment process Ridestore partner with Meritmind. For more information, please feel free to contact the responsible recruitment consultant at Meritmind, Susanne Areschoug on 0701-66 08 03. Interviews and selection process will commence week 2 in January- so please ensure your application is with us by then. The position is available to apply for as long as the ad is shown on our website.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Consider this before you submit your application
· Your application shall not contain any personal data relating to civil status, family/children, ethnic origin, age, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, health or sexual orientation.
· Make sure our name and contact information is included in your resume.
· It is only possible to attach one document, so please add your resume and your personal letter, if needed, as one file.
· Your application will be sent when you select the file and click Open.

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