Head of Mergers & Acquisitions at Fagerhult Group

Stockholm Heltid

Fagerhult Group creates professional lighting solutions where design, performance, aesthetics and energy-efficiency are embedded in the Group’s philosophy, culture and values. Fagerhult Group understands the importance of light for better living and the wellbeing impacts on humans and the sustainability impacts on the planet.

On behalf of Fagerhult Group, we are now recruiting a Head of Mergers and Acquisitions, based in Stockholm. A core aspect of the Head of M&A role is to proactively engage in research to identify potential acquisition targets as well as investigate those opportunities that naturally arise on the market. This research process should cover geographical areas, technology fields and complimentary product portfolios. The role will also be required to monitor and report on competitor activity, market M&A activity and trends taking place in the industry.

Main tasks and areas of responsibility as Head of Mergers and Acquisitions

– Engagement with potential targets
Ability to interact with potential targets with awareness, empathy and understanding.
– Transaction execution
Ensure that all activities continue to make steady progress leading to a successful execution.
– Due diligence
Ability to manage the crucial DD phase.
– Funding arrangements
The Head of M&A working with the CFO will determine the funding arrangements for the deal.
– Introduction to the Group and securing a home
Once the deal is executed, to ensure a professional handover to the relevant business leader.

Qualifications and experience
At least 5 years’ experience in an M&A role and/or a professionally trained specialist with a wide business understanding and significant people skills.

Personal characteristics
To succeed in the role of Head of M&A, you are business-oriented and have a genuine interest in people, creating value, business development and corporate governance. You have high analytical skills and can quickly identify patterns in your analysis. You find it easy to express yourself and are confident in meeting with different decision-makers. You thrive in outgoing roles where you get to present various initiatives and business cases and proposals, while at the same time you can appreciate diving into details and advanced reports. Being a senior role, it is extremely important that the HEAD of M&A is a role model and represents the Group well.

What does the company offer you?
The Fagerhult Group offers all employees an engaged employer with a high people focus that values creativity, teamwork and aiming higher. Fagerhult Group is an industry leading ambassador for sustainable solutions that has recently signed up to the Paris Agreement. The career development opportunities at Fagerhult Group are significant, so too the ability to take on short to long term assignments across the globe in one of its many countries of operation.

The Group’s M&A strategy is ambitious, so do not apply unless you’re prepared to commit.

Location: Stockholm

About the company
The Fagerhult Group is one of Europe’s leading lighting companies with 4,100 employees in 28 countries and a turnover of 7.100 MSEK in 2021. We consist of 12 brands organized into four business areas – Collection, Premium, Professional and Infrastructure.

All our brands produce high-quality professional lighting solutions, and we work mainly on specifications together with our partners. Together we cover almost every professional lighting application, and our presence is worldwide.

The Group’s largest shareholder is Investment AB Latour and Fagerhult Group is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.


In this recruitment process, Fagerhult Group collaborates with Meritmind. For more information, please contact the responsible recruitment consultants at Meritmind, Anette Wickholm 070-712 9808 or Jessica Blomgren 073-942 5891. Interviews and selection will take place continuously, so please send your application as soon as possible. You can apply for this service if the ad is available on our website.

Meritmind works based on competence to promote objective and non-discriminatory recruitment. This means i.e., that you will be allowed to take occupational psychology tests if you proceed to an interview in this process. In most appointments, a background check is also carried out.

Consider this before submitting your application (in accordance with the GDPR legislation)

  • Your application must not contain personal data regarding marital status, family situation/children, ethnic origin, age, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health, or sexual orientation
  • Make sure your name and contact details are included in your CV
  • It is enough to attach your CV. We do not use personal letters in our processes.
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